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We are the perceivers and the perceived

The dreamers and the dreamed

The toiling and the toiled

The weavers and the weaved.

We are the selfish and the selfless

The cursing and the cursed.

We are the inspired and the inspiring

We take and we give

We are the problems and the solutions

And all the pieces that fit.
Fuzed like paint, for it is our art

Which we have in common

For we can travel together

And meet each other in this other dimension

A world which we create

Though we don't even know it

For in this place, things are not things

Yet everything is still there.
Fighting for another, o dare I say
Like eating misshapen crows and a beet
Thou hast sat upon the moon 'til this day
Ordering my sorrows to heal thine feet.
I have lived this life quite clean and unseen  
Mine eyes observing where your problems lie
Alas thou canst not see me, don't be obscene!
For it is I who lives and doth not die.
You don't bow to me but I bow to thee
It upsets me indeed and quite
But nay, do I complain but only to me
I wish to run into this fine old night.
Thus, I will end my ridiculous complaints
Instead, share my love for poems and paints.
Mehehehe.  Feeling rather evil this month.  Check out my blog.  Full of evil posts >;)
Flip flap
Across the land
Through the sky.
Oy, how she flies!

Scitter scatter
A harsh landing
Into the woods
Oy, how she sighs!

Burble gurgle
Drinkin' up the last o the rum
The others hum a shanty
Oy, how she drinks!

Rittle rattle
A ship be prepared
To transport thine goods
Oy, how she i'nt scared!

Bing bang
A storm hits the ship
Large and wide
Oy, how she calls!

Sing sang
The voyage continues
And they travel the thousand leagues
Oy, how she sings her song!
Zxero is a dragon.

At least that's what it's perceived to be

By the author of this story.

Zxero is Nothing and Everything, you see.

But what is Nothing and Everything?

I here, hardly know.

For it is a matter of perspective, see.

And knowledge hardly knows.

Zxero is a silver dragon

That likes to travel portals.

And it has a telepathic mind.

Reasoning that, it speaks not through words.

It is neither male nor female

Therefore, others find Zxero weird.

But this dragon minds not

For when it meets someone

It usually never sees them again.

And so to wrap up this discussion

Which is very one sided as I can see.

I, Zxero will hit the road now.

And perhaps I'll see you in another life.
Bubbles ave a tendency to need to commit suicide.

Want some popsicles?

I got a whole box of them in my garage...

Heh.. It's a little hot down there in my garage,

but you can just take off your shirt,

and lay on the couch,

and the popsicles will cool you down.

*Smiles creepily.*
Imagine if everyone's imagination were to be put together into one story.  Oh, a complicated story this one would be if that were to be so.  The story would be a book thicker than life, and it would be from either every perspective in the entire universe, or no perspective at all.  The story would be... from the universe's perspective.